Tuesday, June 7, 2011


If you recall, I stenciled my pantry and my guest room furniture a while back. I really love how it turned out. I loved it so much that i've been getting the itch to stencil something BIG.

One of our guest rooms is red. It's my fault-I wanted a red room and it didnt come out very well. I haven't wanted to paint over it because it will eventually be Baby Goontz's room when he/she gets here (which is a ways off!) and we would be re-painting it then anyways so why bother now?

Well whether or not Baby Goontz is a boy or girl, I know what I want the baby room to look like. Pretty gender neutral which would be good if I decided to stencil the room. Hmmm......interesting development if you ask me! Ok, actually that was just my way of justifying getting a stencil because I havent had a big craft project in a while....but I digress.

Which stencil should I get? 

I really love this moraccan one:
I also like the circles...a bit more playful:

I also think the Donatella Damask would look great in the right colors:

I think the last major contender would be the Scallops:

I found all of these at Royal Design Studio. Any other good stencil places I should check out?


  1. i like the circles and damask the best

  2. Ooh I love a good stenciled wall! I think the first one is a little more feminine so I maybe wouldn't go with that one if the imaginary Baby Goontz is a boy. :)

  3. the damask is reaaaallly beautiful! moraccan would be my second pick.