Sunday, January 30, 2011

Laundry Room Revamp

After all of y'alls ancy anticipation I am finally revealing my new laundry room! I had been waiting on an antique mirror but I decided to just put up a mirror I already had until I can get the one I want.
Paint: glidden - Pale Jade

As you are looking into our laundry room (please note that the beer rug is not mine - it's my husbands and was a gift lol)
Now view from walking in and looking left:
I ordered my lovely wall decal from Wonderfully Wordy and Shelley has many decals to choose from. I liked the saying on this one - still makes me giggle when I see it.

View from walking in and looking right:
 Gotta love my little Aggie gnome haha.
I am really pleased with the outcome. I actually enjoy going into do laundry now. I have taken on a new philosophy that you might as well invest in making your surroundings comfortable and enjoyable since it's where you spend 95% of your time anyways.

I am currently working on a guest room re-do so be on the lookout for that!

And just a final tid-bit to leave you with...a throw pillow I made for said guest room. The stripes are leftover IKEA curtain ties that I never used, I was quite proud of myself considering I don't have a sewing machine (which I desperately need to buy)


  1. I love the label "drop your drawers here", too cute!! Gotta love that gnome, eh, ha ha. I agree 100% with your philosophy Lauren. I think the rug is appropriate considering what's behind the fridge doors there.

    Awesome job Lauren! Love ya,

  2. very cute Sweetie. Come do mine!