Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Wall Pockets Saga

I was overjoyed when my mom said that the Jazzy Junque sale still had the Ballard Designs wall pockets when she was there. She snatched them up for a steal at $35 (originally $89).

They originally looked this when I got them:

(The 4 pocket black one). Not a problem: I knew I wanted a white one but I could paint it no problem! I already had some liquid sand paper in the garage so I rubbed that all over the shelves and let it dry. I then started spray painting the pockets. I started at the bottom and worked my way up. All was going fine until I got to the top pocket. At several places the spray paint was not sticking. I as a novice just tried to keep spray painting over the cracked areas (for future reference - do NOT do this). I should have just stopped and let it dry and then sanded it down.

I decide to go get actual sand paper and I start sanding the cracked areas. This was taking FOREVER and I got tired. It was sanded down a lot just not all the way smooth...what could go wrong. UGH. I made an even bigger mess than the first time. It was sticking but it was so uneven it was hideous. My sand paper is now demolished and Kevin is nice enough to go get me some more sandpaper.

Of course he comes back with an electric sander. That thing is a gem! Makes life so much easier and since we had a gift card - it was free!

I sanded it all the way down this time and tried a light spray paint coat. you could still see the big bad boo boo spot on the top pocket. I didn't take a picture because I was upset and hot from working in the garage but here is a very close to real-life depiction:

Then I remembered that I have white paint from painting the furniture in the "white" room. I gave the wall pockets a nice layer of paint with a small roller and it looked so much better. Not professional grade smoothness but I'll take it after my spray paint mishaps. After letting the paint dry I screwed the label holders back in and viola!

Looks like it was a piece of cake....*rolls eyes*


  1. I think the wall pockets turned out great!! :) Nice job! :)

  2. Hey I give you mad props, I would have gave up. :/

  3. I lurve these and want them, but we don't have a place for them. Maybe in our future imaginary house....