Monday, May 9, 2011

Wine Bottle Recycling

Anyone who knows me knows that I love me some wine. I normally recycle the bottles the old fashion way but I came across these cool options to recycle them in your home.

How cool would this be along a garden pathway?

What wine comes in blue bottles? I think I have only had some reisling that came in a blue bottle and i'm more of a chardonnay girl....might have to change it up though.

I am also drooling over these wine torches. I think my mom and I are going to make some for her back yard.

Any other cool wine bottle ideas out there?


  1. I started saving bottles a long time ago for torches but I threw them out eventually cause I never did anything. I do like the Pottery Barn wine bottle chandelier though...it's pretty cool and I've seen a few DIY versions that look great.

  2. Elsa I love the PB chandelier as well. I saw a class on how to make a DIY one a few years ago at a garden center and regret not going.

  3. what cute ideas!

  4. Omg I love the torches! I need to get to drinkin some wine :)