Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holy Macaroni - I own a Dyson!!!!

Just when I think my husband can't get any more amazing....he knocks me off my feet again. Saturday night, we are watching a movie at home and the door bell rings. I know it's the FedEx man, but I thought he was delivering Kevin's latest brew kit for him home brew beer kit. No...he was delivering the Dyson that Kevin bought for me!

It's the exact one I wanted: the DC17 (Animal). This bad boy is made to tackle all pet hair that comes in its way (which we need so bad w/ a 85 lb chocolate lab and a growing boxer puppy).

 Isn't it just so pretty?

And something that is different about the DC17 is the amount of attachments it comes with:
I vacuumed last night right after I got it and as embarrassing as it is to admit it; the Dyson picked up as much dirt as our old Bissel did after me not vacuuming for 5 days (and I had vacuumed the previous day w/ our old vacuum).

So needless to say, I am in love...with my Dyson and even more so with my awesome hubby! He is so good about surprises, I'm the luckiest gal!


  1. Hooray for awesome hubbies! We seriously considered this exact vacuum, but we ended up going with another one at the last minute (on our wedding registry). So glad you like it! Tell K he did a great job!

  2. That is amazing. I am jealous :) Enjoy!