Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I was introduced to ThELaUgHyGiRaFfY by Tatertots and Jello. I was quickly smitten with their adorable hair bows, binky clips, burpies, and almost any other baby accessory you could need. And although Kevin and I don't plan on having a baby for a little while...it can't hurt to look, right?

Well I became a fan of them on Facebook and I entered a giveaway for $15 worth of free merchandise. Another great thing about this place...you can get quite a few things for $15. Oh and guess what....I WON!!

Check out my awesome swag I picked out:

I tried to to be a gender neutral as possible but I just couldn't pass up the pink polka dots or the robots. I can't wait until I get them in the mail!

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