Monday, February 28, 2011

Sewing Projects

Last weekend my wonderful mother let me have her sewing machine (you rock mom!). I have had quite a few projects in mind for a while so I was eager to get started.

First project: Make new bed for Lily. She ripped up and pee'd on her old one so we trashed it. Now she has a much more stylish one!

Here is Lily modeling on her new bed:

Here is the bed more close-up:

I was going to add a zipper but that proved to be troublesome so I just stuffed it with an old comforter from college. Still machine washable if you ask me!

Project #2: upgrade living room curtains. I bought curtains months ago and it turns out I measured wrong....should have gotten the 108"! Oh well...I bought some fabric from Hobby Lobby and enlongated the curtains to the correct length. I really liked the dual color curtains that I've seen all over and I think these turned out pretty good.

Compared with these that are $60/panel:
The colors are opposite but you get the idea.

Next I want to work on "ruffles" as I think they make everything better and maybe some cute patch jeans or something...we shall see!

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