Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bathroom Art

I had quite a busy weekend - sorry it has been so long since i've posted. My camera has been giving me "issues" and I think I finally talked some sense into it. Saturday my mom and I went to the Woodlands Waterway Art Festival. It was so much fun. We saw a ton of really great artists and wanted to buy so much even though I had no place to put most of it.

I have been needing some art or "something" for the spare bathroom for a while. When we came across Mary DiStefano Jarowitz's booth. I loved the warm and happy feeling I got from looking at her artwork. She had some gorgeous canvas paintings but spending $2k for bathroom art would get me in some serious trouble. My mom and I each picked up a print. And the best part - I didnt need to buy a frame. I already had one the perfect size. It is called family tree. I love the little red birds that remind me of robins (my mother's name is Robyn) and it makes the space feel more "homey".

 I tried to get a more wide shot but that was hard considering the space is only 3.5 feet wide. Just imaging your everyday white thrown below the photo.

In case anyone is interested my other favorite artist from the festival was David Bjurstrom. He only did graphite drawings which were beautiful.

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