Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crate & Barrel Giftcard

I recieved a Crate & Barrel giftcard for Christmas and it has been burning a hole in my pocket ever since. I cant decide what I want to get with it. Do I go for one bigger/more expensive item or stock up on fun little things? I am a kitchen tool junkie so I have been eyeing the All Clad measuring cups, collapsable funnel, and some decorating spatualas but I also love their home decor items. In fact, I love C&B so much it was the ONLY place I registered at for my wedding.

So much to choose from....

 Cute Easter dish towels??

Additional storage containers for the pantry?

Beautiful pillow for the master bedroom?

Adding to my cookie cutter selection? I can't make up my mind! I will try to go to C&B this weekend and decide once and for all. What are some of your favorite C&B items?

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