Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Avalon Organics

I have horrible skin. It is sensitive, oily, and I have rosacea. Not a good combination. I have finally become fed up with bad skin as an adult. I am nearly 25 years old and I shouldn't still be getting the light/mild acne that I do. I still have not found a cure all but after being introduced to Avalon Organics products I have seen a significant improvement. I use the Lavendar cleansing gel for my face:

And the Lavendar body wash for the shower:

It is the only facewash that I have come across that actually makes my face feel clean with out it also feeling dried out and itchy. Plus, the price isnt bad either. The face wash is $11.95 and I bought a HUGE body wash for less than $20. For my fellow Texans, you find Avalon Organic products in the organic aisle/section at HEB.

I think what will finally nip most of my acne problems in the butt will be when I get a Clarisonic Mia. Those things are supposed to work wonders. Everyone who I know who has one loves it!

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