Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ruffle Attempt #1

With all of the craft blogs I follow I have been getting the itch to make something with ruffles. I see all of these wonderful ruffle pillows, sweaters, table runnerts, you name it; it has been made with ruffles.

I had some leftover burlap from my wreath and some extra fabric from various projects. The ruffles were not as easy I would have liked. However, I definitely think I will be able to make them easier/better next time.

Lessons learned:
1. Cut fabric longer than you need (and when you think you cut it long enough add 2 inches)
2. Hem the sides of the ruffles...yes it does make a big difference
3. Stuff that sucker until you can put no more stuffing in it - mine is kind of flimsy

I can't decide what my next ruffle project will be but i'm sure i'll come up with something!

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