Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Box of Stuff

One of the pleasures of having your own home is having your parents give you back all of your "crap". My mom finally unloaded the last "box of Lauren crap" she had at her house. The following is what was inside:

My high school senior portraits.

 A Klein Bearkats t-shirt.
 A book report on the book "Gentlehands". I got a 93/100!
 A clay puppy that I painted. how cute!
 Some random beanie babies and such. Please note the Princess Diana commemorative bear in it's protective case still.
 A clay jewelry box that I painted. Apparently I had a hard time staying in between the lines....
 A deer antler but of course that makes sense!
 My most favorite item from the box. My Sanrio Spotty Dotty coin purse that clips onto your belt loop. I wore this thing so much in elementary school!

 The flower girl basket from my cousin Cindy's wedding. I was the flower girl (duh).

Some really nice cards that I had saved from my dad. Made me smile to read them again!

Pretty interesting stuff, eh? I packed it all back up and had Kevin put it up in the attic with the other "Lauren boxes". Brought some nice trips down memory lane!

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  1. awwww thank you so much for sharing!