Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Day. Kevin and I went up to my family's lakehouse and had a great time.

For years I have only bought OPI nail polish. It stays on pretty well and doesnt chip. I recently bought some OPI for Sephora and was not impressed but that is a story for another day...

I have been seeing online that a lot of women like Essie nail polish. I hadn't really even heard of Essie before so on my recent trip to Target I stopped by the nail polish and picked out two colors.

and Lollipop:

I am really happy with both colors. Mademoiselle is very light and perfect for just wanting your nails to look polished, not really painted. I put lollipop on my toes and its a great summer red. My self-given pedicure has lasted two weeks with barely any chipping and my self-given manicure lasted two weeks and probably could have gone a bit longer but it was starting to chip at the edges so I took it off.

Seeing as Essie is about $1 cheaper than OPI I think I am switching over unless I really find an OPI color I love. Anyone else have some favorite Essie colors for me to try out?


  1. I love mademoiselle! I also purchased a blue one for fun called "Aqua." I have started taking it with me to nail salons because they only have OPI and it seems to be just vast amounts of red and pink. However currently I am wearing "DO you think I'm Texy?" by OPI and lovin it.

  2. the lady that does my nails uses Essie alot!